Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Complete Writings of Thomas Paine: Volume 2 By Thomas Paine

Status: Near Finalization

Fix Notes: PDF Page (Actual Page):

page 10 (xii):
To the Chairman of the Society for Promoting Constitutional Knowedge, May 12, 1792
  • Misspelling in the original copy

page 61-63 (47-49):
  • Changed the formatting of italics and bold slightly in EPUB version

page 182 (166):
  • Reformatted the table to make it fit more reasonably in an electronic format

page 215 (199):
  • Footnote 67, Took away italics in "From the" to match the rest of the book's footnotes.

page 267 (251):
  • Footnotes require two columns.. take a closer look

page 580 (564):
Spelling mistake in actual book:
  • that the project involves with it a destructon of the balance of maritime power;
Changed to "destruction"

page 673 (657):
Table output slightly changed in EPUB version

page 715 (699):
There are side by side boxes

page 850 (834):
There is a table of zodiac symbols. Doubt those unicode characters will show up in many ebook readers.

page 875 (859):
Spelling mistake in actual book:
  • it speaks of things that had been accomlished at the time the words were written
Changed to "accomplished"

page 991 (975):
Fix in EPUB:
  • Changed format of section "TO MR. HULBERT, OF SHEFFIELD," to fit more in line with the rest of the book

page 1055 (1039):
  • I could punch a square, or oblong square hole for I or I 4 each
not completely sure what this sentence is supposed to actually be OCRed to, maybe "1 or 1 4 each"?

page 1152 (1136)
Added a missing period
  • "I purpose, enclosing the fire in a bulb near the top"

page 1323 (1307):
Added a missing period (I believe I made the correct choice)
  • "The first letter I sent was under Cover to Mr Christee of May 4th informing him of what would happen."

Notes on what still needs to be done in EPUB version:

  • Images must be kept in proper ratio and scale
  • Fix Table of Contents
  • Create links pointing back and forth in footnotes/TOC
  • Touch up TOC display information
  • Look throughout book and add in blockquotes where needed
  • Figure out how to create left and right columns (float CSS)
    • Make it show up properly in ebook readers
  • Touch up Poems chapter
    • Nicer looking formatting
  • Touch up Index
  • Add Dropcaps

Notes on what still needs to be done in PDF:

  • Add chapter/subchapter bookmarks

EPUB: http://www.mediafire.com/?z4zkntnkmsf9uwe

PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/?2c3enwh0nxxf23h

Original PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/?g54uyfez1p5u9l0

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