Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Development of Economics by William A. Scott

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19.84 MB final bookmarked version compared to the 41.8 MB version (Original)

Fix Notes: PDF Page (Actual Page)

page 135 (125 actual) (PDF Version)
A newly scanned image.

page 249 (239 actual)
Changed to "perfect":
"ends whose beneficence is in pefect harmony with our ideas of the supreme wisdom"

page 310 (300 actual)
Changed to "Ricardo":
"Ricarado had reckoned costs in terms of the amount of common or ordinary labor expended, measured in days or hours, and had held that changes"

page 334 (324 actual)
Changed to "devastated":
"the repatriation of the war personnel and its absorption into the home economies, the restoration of devasted territory,"

page 351 (341 actual)
Changed to "subtracted":
"The answer is, The least important one, since it is that which is conditioned upon the addition of a single unit to or the substraction of a single unit from, the supply."

page 363 (353 actual)
Changed to "impossible" and "profitably":
"three taken together. But this is impossibe, since, when most profitaby employed, they can give only a return of 10.’"

(UNCHANGED) page 376 (366 actual)
Böhm-Bawerk skilfully demonstrated the inadequacy

page 398 (388 actual)
Changed to "circumstances":
"But, besides this, there are other co-operating cirsumstances which work, even more distinctly, in the same direction"

page 414 (404 actual)
Changed to "altruistic":
"and therefore irrespective of the egoistic or altrustic nature of the motives which dictate them and which "


Throughout the book there are changes in "cooperating" "coöperating" and "co-operating"

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