Monday, September 30, 2013

The Legacy of Max Weber by Ludwig M. Lachmann

Status: One Round of QC (09.30.2013)


Fix Notes:

Page 23: par. 0: phenomena

Moreover, the line that divides concrete historical phenomenona from permanent social structures is notoriously thin.

Page 45: par. 0: orientation

In either case their projected action constitutes points of orientaton for us.

Page 57: par. 2: Arbitrary

But the reasons for this are ‘Arbitry, error and other influences’.

Page 82: par. 3: manœuvre (to match the other uses in the book)

Changes in the legal order may affect the area for manoeuvre within which individuals may move and undesigned institutions evolve.

Page 99: par. 1: democratic

No mature society is likely to tolerate the destruction of its democractic institutions by the misuse of the very procedures which these institutions authorize.

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