Thursday, August 1, 2013

International Monetary Economics by Michael A. Heilperin

Status: One Round of QC (09.18.2013)


Fix Notes:

Page 271: Index under "Angell, Prof. J. W.": equilibrium

on equilibrum in international payments,


Défense et Illustration de l’Etalon-or is used three times throughout the book, but in:

Page 173: Footnote 1: l’étalon-or

See the interesting comments on that German experience by Jacques Rueff in his lecture Défense et illustration de l’étalon-or published in Les Doctrines monétaires à l’Epreuve des Faits, Paris, 1932, and reprinted in Travaux du Congrès International des Sciences économiques, Paris, 1937, vol. i, Paris, 1937, pp. 275–307.


Page 161: Two footnotes 3s

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