Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Economic Causes of War by Lionel Robbins

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 67-24595


Fix Notes:

Page 27: par.0: inevitable

Hence, too, the inevita-able collision of these powers as the area of non-capitalist economy still to be exploited becomes narrower and narrower.

Page 29: par. 0: underconsumption (?) (UNCHANGED)

To what extent is the under-consumption theory analytically consistent and what support does it furnish for the view that it is capitalism which is responsible for war?

Page 31: marksmanship (?) (UNCHANGED)

It does not present those obvious targets to logical markmanship which are the characteristics of earlier versions.

Page 90: par. 1: underconsumptionist (?) (UNCHANGED)

This, indeed, is the sediment of truth in the under-consumptionist theories of imperialism.

Page 100: Footnote 1: Italics

I cannot help thinking that my friend, Mr. E. L. Woodward, makes just the wrong point against Cobdenism when (in his interesting essay on War and Peace in Europe 1815-1870) he asks would such thinkers have been willing to ‘apply, as between state and state, forms of co-operation and mutual aid which they rejected in a sphere more directly under their control’?

Page 103: Footnote 1: missing comma before passim, "Death, passim"

See especially Civilization, War and Death passim.