Monday, February 25, 2013

Capital, Expectations, and the Market Process by Ludwig M. Lachmann

Status: Almost Complete (v.3)


Fix Notes:

Page 7: end of par. 1: Missing italics

(H. S. Ellis, German Monetary Theory 1905-1933 [Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1934]).

Page 48: par. 2: theoretical

Third, and probably most important, the real theoreticial work of the Austrian school had scarcely begun in 1883.

Page 179: par. 1: principles

But I venture to doubt whether he will find it necessary to modify in their essence, to add much to or to detract from, the few logical pinciples of Social Science I have set before you to-day.


Changed the layout of "Page 2" of the PDF around a little bit.

On many of the journals, I added a space between Journal # and the (year). Example:

“Uncertainty and Liquidity Preference.” Economica 4(August 1937):295-308.

Hyphenation Notes?

Not too sure on a lot of the hyphens in this book, it seems to flip flop a lot, maybe there is some logic behind it. Here are a few examples:

"neoclassical" is used 11 times, "neo-classical" is used 66 times
"coordination" is used 10 times, "co-ordination" is used 7 times


  1. The link is dead I believe. :(

    1. Just reuploaded the EPUB, thank you for informing me it was dead. :)