Monday, November 28, 2011

Lessons For The Young Economist By Robert Murphy

ISBN-10: 1933550880
ISBN-13: 978-1933550886

Fix Notes

Chapter 1:
The Scope And Boundaries of Economic Science:
  • Missing .: 2nd paragraph, first sentence

Why Study Economics:

  • Missing .: first paragraph, 2nd sentence.

Chapter 2:
After Second Box "Economists Can't Agree on the Right Medicine"

  • Missing .: "are either dishonest or sloppy These passions"

Chapter 3:

  • Extra space: First Box
  • "Murray Roth bard".
Chapter 4: Consumer Goods versus Producer Goods:
  • Missing .: End of 2nd paragraph
Chapter 6: How Prices Are Formed in Barter:
  • Extra Space: "Alice, Billy, and Christy
  • who arrive"
    • Made consistent with rest of the book (no space between dash and next word)
Chapter 9:
  • Missing space: Right after footnote 2. "profitable.2On"
Chapter 10: How Saving and Investment Increase An Economy's Future Output
  • Missing .: End of first paragraph
  • Missing .: Second paragraph, first sentence. "This is certainly a possibility For Example, if Bill"
Chapter 11: Example 1: Supply Reduction
  • Missing .: First paragraph, 2nd sentence. "thousand barrels per day What effect will this have"
Chapter 12:
  • Missing .: "the later money Market interest rates"
  • Missing .: "will pay back any borrowed money There are several"
  • Missing .: "debts and repayment history These companies sell"
Chapter 13:
  • Missing ,: "In short entrepreneurs estimate whether their proposed"
Chapter 15:
  • Missing .: "that occur in a system based on private property Indeed the very terminology"
  • Missing .: "not mere artifacts of a market economy The socialist planners"
Chaper 16:
  • Missing .: "socialist regimes in the 20th century Now it is true"
Chapter 18:
  • Missing space: right after footnote 1
  • Missing .: "eliminate the arbitrary disadvantages placed on particular sectors of the economy"
    • end of paragraph
Chapter 19:
  • Missing .: "apply among individuals in a pure market economy The case for free trade"
Chapter 20:
  • Missing space: Right after footnote 3
  • Missing space: Right after footnote 4
  • Extra space: "period— often called the “Noble Experiment”—mobsters"
  • Missing .: "as the heroin or cocaine trade is today The infamous"
Chapter 21:
  • Missing .: "from an initial barter economy and eventually become money In such a situation"
  • Missing .: "valued even before they had achieved their status as money In a pure market"
  • Missing .: "no single agency in charge of “the money” No, various people could own gold mines"
  • Missing .: "in the same way that the total amount of bicycles isn’t set by a government agency"
    • end of paragraph
  • Missing .: "very controversial to even define what we mean by “the price of money” Economists have devised"
  • Missing .: "all of these activities much more orderly Having an unsound fiat money is"
  • Missing .: "in its official mission of price stability But in terms of the whole"
Chapter 22:
  • Missing .: "create new money in the economy On the contrary if the government runs"
Chapter 23:
  • Extra space: "—whether a consumer or a capital good— entrepreneurs must use"
  • Missing .: "making cars that no one wants to buy No, the correct thing to do is allow"
Side Notes:
  • Should some of the tables be converted to HTML instead of images?
    • This would save on some space, and would leave formatting up to the epub reader. On my Nook some of the tables are very small and hard to read.
  • First letter of each chapter has:
    • I believe a much better way to do this would be to create a larger font class and apply that (sort of like what is done already in the other ebooks with Dropcap).
  • Should the "ind" class just be added into , instead of having (almost) every
    be class "ind"?
    • You can still override this with any special needs ("noind")
  • Inline formatting isn't very good practice.
    • For example:

      Why not create a class in the stylesheet called "chaptertitle" with the attributes of class "right" and "margin-top:30px"?
    • Another example:

      This is after almost every single chapter title (or subchapter title) in the first paragraph. Why not create a "firstparagraph" class, which includes margin-top:20px as an attribute?
      Or "marginfifty", "margintwenty", "marginthirty" class (with margin-top: ##px)?

      This can then be used multiple times throughout the document, and be able to be changed in just the stylesheet, instead of throughout the entire document.
Fixed EPUB:

Original EPUB:
Original PDF:

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