Monday, November 28, 2011

Bourbon For Breakfast By Jeffrey Tucker

ISBN-10: 1933550899
ISBN-13: 978-1933550893

Fix Notes:

  • "They impose a profound sense of guilt on your for watering the basil growing in your window box."
    • Changed to "you for watering"
  • "This would surely to it!"
    • Changed to "do it!"
  • "when the birds make music of symphonic quality, and when the very air we breath feels air conditioned."
    • Changed to "very air we breathe"
  • "people like Milton Friedman, who 0believed that a pure paper"
    • Got rid of the 0 before "believed"
  • "years of wrangling.The first advocates of keeping kids"
    • Added missing space between sentences
  • "And there’s this nose spray that will help me breath better and play trumpet like a pro,"
    • Changed to "breathe"
  • "as if the artists owns the image or work,"
    • Changed to "artist"
  • "It robs those who know the most of the ability of make decisions and innovate."
    • changed second "of" to "to".
  • "are sometime accused of using exaggerated and hyperbolic language."
    • Changed to "sometimes"
  • "Now it starts to make sense.You and I—his employers,"
    • Missing space between sentences
  • "locks, alarm systems, and the like.This is what prevents crimes from taking place."
    • Missing space between sentences
  • "suddenly stopping on a public road for no reason other than some vague memory than one had to in the past."
    • "memory than" changed to "memory that"
  • "You too will feel pity on the seventh eights of the human race that does not understand this simple point."
    • Changed to "seven eighths"
  • "But you say: surely if this were true, it would be common knowledge. Not sure. There are many thing that are true — the"
    • Changed "Not sure" to "Not true"
    • Combined that into one paragraph since it was an accidental split.
  • " their products and ideas spread.”Indeed it was true:"
    • Added a space before "Indeed"
  • "Are we really suppose to believe the maniac,"
    • Changed to "supposed"
  • "Is what Frank is doing privately really that much more shocking than what the Fed does as a matter of its own daily operations?"
    • Deleted "is" after Frank.
  • Seperated Fortune Cookie pictures from paragraphs proceeding them.

Not sure on this, but pointing it out:

  • "and thereby corrects one of the most pervasive political errors of our time (that Nazism and Communism represent opposite ends of an ideological continuum.)."
    • Should there be the period inside the parenthesis?
  • "(If you don’t understand why this answer would be humiliating, you know even less about sports than I do.)"
    • Should the period be inside the parenthesis? This one is slightly different because it is at the end of a paragraph.
  • "The treatment of women in the movie is egregious and shocking,"
    • This is talking about Mad Men, a TV Show, not a movie.
  • When giving the recipe for bread, it uses the '1/4' character. This showed up on my Nook as '?'.  Might change to "1/4"?

Fixed EPUB:

Original EPUB:
Original PDF:

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