Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Humane Economy: The Social Framework of the Free Market by Wilhelm Röpke

Status: One Round of QC (12.01.2013)


Library of Congress Catalog Number: 60-9661

Fix Notes:

Page 158: par. 0: "Lloyd’s Bank Review" should be "Lloyds Bank Review" (to match the other usages in the book)

Page 215: par. 1: responsibility

It certainly has the ultimate responsibilty.

Page 224: par. 1: between

I would go so far as to deny the justice of calling anyone a deflationist in the same sense in which his opposite number may be called an inflationist, for the simple reason that, as we know, there exists an asymmetry betwen inflation and deflation.

Page 282: Footnote 33: "M. Friedmann" needs to be "M. Friedman"

Page 305: Index on the right column: "Friedmann, M.," needs to be "Friedman, M.,"

Page 308: Index on the right column under "Mass state—cont.": "industralization" -> industrialization


I removed the "secondary title page" on page 15 of the PDF (right before Chapter 1). It doesn't make much sense in the ebook edition.

Page 282: bottom right corner is missing.


Page 201-202: last par. to next page: savings (?)

Thus saving, which got such poor marks in the theories inspired by Keynes, is again assigned the place of honor which common sense always regarded as saving’s due.

Page 239: bottom par.: dependencies (?)

The trade-union itself becomes one of those “organizations” which are an expression of growing concentration; it creates, in its turn, new vertical dependences and new hierarchies with an above and a below, with bosses and subordinates.

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    Auberon Herbert, The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State and Other Essays (1978 ed.) [1885]